Lake Wilkie

Running / Walking route near Chaslands in Otago, New Zealand

Name: Lake Wilkie
Discipline: Running / Walking  Cross Country
Duration: 0 day  30 minutes return
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Route description:
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Starting point

Street: Papatowai Niagara Road
City/Town: Chaslands
Region: Otago


Directions to venue:

Craig de Beer wrote

Be prepared to be awed by the reflection of the trees on the lake's still surface.

Lake Wilkie is situated approximately 140km south of Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand. It is said to have formed behind coastal sand dunes after the last ice-age and has been reducing in size ever since. Apparently there aren't any fish in the lake and there's also no river that feeds it. Could it be fed entirely by groundwater? Quite unique though is the local frogs that were introduced to the lake.

Walking along the footpath from the car park, there's a vantage point that provides a great view over the lake and surrounding forest. Continuing on steeply down the path among lush forest are a number of panels with information on the history of the lake and the forest. Keep right and walk along the boardwalk that crosses over the edge of the lake.

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Lake Wilkie

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