Town Belt

Running / Walking route near Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand

Name: Town Belt
Discipline: Running / Walking 
Distance: 6 km  /  3 mi. One-way
Duration: 0 day 2 hours one-way
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Route description:
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Starting point

Street: Queens Drive
City/Town: Dunedin
Region: Otago


Directions to venue:

Craig de Beer wrote

The Town Belt, apparently one of the world's oldest and planned in Scotland in 1848, is a green belt that surrounds the city of Dunedin, from Signal Hill in the east to Kensington in the south.

Our walk started at the northern end in Maori Hill and followed Queens Drive almost all the way. Despite the dense flora, there are a number of viewpoints along the way from which to admire Dunedin from above: less than 1km from the city centre and at an altitude of between 90m and 130m you'll have a bird's eye view. Look out for the University's Clock Tower, the Cadbury's factory, the Railway Station and the may steeples.

Having said that, the city's landmark buildings aren't the only thing to admire along the way. Spot the tree fuchsia, lemonwood, manuka and juvenile lancewood. And not forgetting the many birds that have made the Town Belt home, like the tui.

Along the way you'll pass right by Olveston, a historic family home. Time your walk well, and take in a guided tour through this home and see how one family lived in the early 1900s. Further along you'll pass Moana Pool: the largest of Dunedin's four public pools. Cross Stuart St and pass along the back of Otago Boys High with a spectacular view of the cricket grounds and the blue stone school building.

Continue along Queens Drive, stopping for a view of the city and the harbour at Richard Evelyn Byrd's memorial before descending past Montecillo Sportground towards the oval in Kensington.

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