Nichols Falls

Running / Walking route near Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand

Name: Nichols Falls
Discipline: Running / Walking  Cross Country
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Route description:

Starting point

Street: Finnerty Road
City/Town: Dunedin
Region: Otago


Directions to venue:

Liam de Beer wrote

I liked it because there were no glow worms. Daddy thought there would be lots when we turn around. When we turned around there were heaps: more than 10 and we didn't think there would be that many. It was 8:25pm when we started walking back to the car. We switched our torches on and we saw all the moths going to our torches. It was such a muddy footpath. I stepped in lots of puddles. We had so much fun!

 Posted 7 years ago

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Nichols Falls

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