Victory Beach

Tramping / Hiking route near Okia Flat in Otago, New Zealand

Name: Victory Beach
Discipline: Tramping / Hiking 
Average time: 2 hours 30 minutes
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Route description:
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Starting point

Venue: The Pyramids
Street: Riddell Road
City/Town: Okia Flat
Region: Otago


Directions to venue:

Craig de Beer wrote

If you want to see a pyramid, a crouching elephant and a ship wreck, Okia Reserve is the place to be.

Our walk began from the car park on Dick Road, approximately 2.5km from Weir Road. We climbed over the fence at the stile, with the pyramids clearly visible in the distance, and continued on down the track for approximately 1km. Once we reached the pyramids we kept right and took the footpath to the top of the smaller pyramid. The walk up the narrow path using rocks as steps only took 15 minutes. Well worth it though. The 360 degree views over Okia Reserve were quite spectacular. But it's not until you go back down and a little further along the Loop Track that you see something truly amazing. About 20m along the path, turn around, look back at the smaller pyramid, and see if you can spot the crouching elephant.

We then wound our way along the Victory Beach Track through regenerating native marshland for approximately 1km, stopping at the information boards along the way that explain the area's history and the long term plans to reintroduce indigenous plants to the area. Considering that this land was still used for grazing about 20 or so years ago, the regeneration programme appears to be going well.

Before long we were at the beach. But it wasn't until we crossed over the dunes that we realised the natural beauty, with high cliffs to the north and the entrance to Papanui Inlet to the south, and white sand stretching across for 3.5km. We walked north towards the cliffs. Just when we thought we were alone on the beach, we saw sea lions congregating among the rocks, basking in the sun with some cubs playing in the waves. We kept our distance. A female felt it necessary to charge us, but soon realised that we were no threat and she retreated. At the southern end of the beach lay the wreck of the SS Victory that ran aground in 1861, with the fly wheel clearly visible from the beach during low tide.

Returning along the same tracks, we reached the car park at 1pm, completing the 6km walk in just on 3 hours.

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