Harbour Cone

Tramping / Hiking route near Dunedin in Otago, New Zealand

Name: Harbour Cone
Discipline: Tramping / Hiking 
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Route description:
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Starting point

Venue: Otago Peninsula
Street: Bacon Street
City/Town: Dunedin
Region: Otago


Directions to venue:

Craig de Beer wrote

I enjoy being on top. But getting to the top took some effort this time. The walk started at 9.30am on Bacon Street where we left the car. Starting out due south at 37m altitude, we walked up a broad tree lined path alongside the stream. 0.25kms in, we took a sharp left along the fence, and found a somewhat mud-drenched footpath. A hundred meters further the path turns right. This is where the walk got serious, up along the fence line. Very muddy. Very slippery. The view towards Larnach Castle with the city in the background began to open up. At 0.8km we'd climbed to approximately 123m, and then headed north-east to cross over Highcliff Road, past some ruins, and between tall old trees. Only 1.0km into the walk at an altitude of 147m, Harbour Cone now stood before us. Grey boulders contrasting with the green hill. The walk up the grassy farmland was steep, with the views over the harbour to the north getting better with every step. The last 100m of the 1.7km trip involved a little rock-hopping and careful stepping. At 289m, the view from the top was spectacular. Quarantine Island and the harbour to the north; Papanui Inlet and Hoopers Inlet to the east; Sandymount to the south; and Larnach Castle to the south-west with the city in the distance. After spending a few minutes at the top having a snack and taking a few photographs, we made our way down along the same route, returning to the car at 12.30pm.

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Harbour Cone

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